2017-2018 West Side Story returning staff positions

Quick links:
News Lab (2nd-3rd periods) day by day class calendar
Intro. to Newspaper (5th-7th periods) day by day class calendar

How to add a printer:
1. Search \\srv-print in the Start menu and open up the network.
2. Type West-JournalismLabLaser in the search box in the upper right corner. Double click on the printer to load it. If you need to add a different printer, just type West and scroll until you find your desired printer.
2. Once it loads, a box will pop up. Click on Printer, Set as Default Printer. Then, click on Printing Preferences. Where it says Print on both sides, change to Yes, flip over. Click Apply. Click OK.
3. Now, use the same computer each time we use the lab, or you’ll have to redo this process each time you login to a new computer.

Google Classroom codes:
2nd & 3rd hour News Lab: 9tr75i
5th hour Intro: mha2tow
6th hour Intro: 2mqulme
7th hour Intro: gvuqobg

Contact information:
(319) 688-1001, extension 5042
Rooms 109 & 111